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Accessibility Is No Longer A Luxury But An Enterprise Necessity

Asad Khan
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Jul 9, 2024,07:00am EDT

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Asad Khan is the founder & CEO of LambdaTest, an AI-powered unified enterprise test execution cloud platform.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people with disabilities form the largest minority in the world, totaling over 1 billion people. Organizations that fail to create an inclusive app/web design are at risk of alienating a substantial market segment.

Prioritizing accessibility helps enhance brand image and maintain customer loyalty. The best way to elevate the page experience starts with empowering accessibility and seamless UX to all. The aim should not be just to build technology but to build a technology accessible to everyone.

Must-Test Features For Better Accessibility

Ensuring accessibility in digital products, be it a website, app or software, is not just a legal or ethical imperative; it can also expand your business reach. According to McKinsey, consumer companies lose $6.9 billion annually because of inaccessible websites as users [...]

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