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Accessibility in the Metaverse

  • December 8, 2021
  • Mitchell Park
  • Accessibility

The metaverse is the new and exciting technology that has everyone raving. Since the internet, the metaverse may be the first widely available technology (once implementation is complete and affordable products are developed) since the internet. However, if the internet taught us anything about accessibility, it’s that accessibility must be prioritized from the beginning.

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Today, about 2% of the internet is truly accessible for all visitors. Thus, it is imperative that developers of the metaverse do not repeat these same mistakes and prioritize accessibility from get-go.

Current Accessibility Reformatted for the Metaverse

Though the entirety of the internet has been in two-dimensional formats, the metaverse will introduce 3D and potentially 4D to users in the future. The accessibility features that have been implemented on to websites, social media platforms, etc. can also be reformatted for these other dimensions. Features such as screen readers and keyboard navigation can easily be transferred into the metaverse without much deviation from its original uses on websites.

However, recent metaverse products such as games and social applications have not included accessibility [...]

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