Accessibility Gaps in Gov Tech: Advice from a Blind Advocate – Government Technology

Local governments are increasingly using technology such as kiosks, chatbots and online forms to streamline services, but are these tools accessible to everyone? Data reveals critical gaps that may have simple fixes.

May 16, 2024 •

Nikki Davidson

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Automation is rapidly transforming the way governments operate, promising efficiency and convenience. But data reveals that in some cases, the tech creates gaps in accessibility for those with disabilities.

The Department of Justice’s recent ruling mandating digital accessibility for state and local government websites underscores the urgency of the need for cities to prioritize inclusivity in their technological advancements.

To understand these challenges and explore potential solutions, Government Technology spoke with Tony Stephens, assistant vice president of communication for the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), to shed light on the lived experiences of people with disabilities in the digital age.


A recent AFB study, Barriers to Digital Inclusion 2, reveals that kiosks in particular present a multitude of digital barriers for people with disabilities.

The study had 20 all-blind [...]

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