Right to Access, Accessibility design at samsung

All of life’s relationships begin somewhere.

Liking or being attracted to someone, understanding someone, even loving another person begins

with mutual acceptance. And that is where we begin our story. Granted, we are not just talking about people.

Even with the products we develop here at Samsung Electronics, acceptance or in this case, accessibility is

a major factor in the relationship between man and machine. Having said that, in this highly advanced

IoT (Internet of Things) era there are those who are still left out and isolated.

We here at Samsung Electronics view it as our corporate responsibility to provide an equal experience for

all of our users and consumers. No matter their background or inabilities. It goes without saying that

developing a user experience for all is our primary design strategy. Although not readily seen,

our ‘design for all’ approach really manifests itself in our accessibility design.

Here are a few examples of how we make this a reality.

For the visually impaired, Even without eyesight, I can still take photos.

The crucial thing [...]

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