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Accessibility Culture

Posted on May 7, 2018

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This is a post about companies who talk about making it easier for disabled people to use their websites, mobile apps, and other tech. These companies have a culture of accessibility. This means that they think about including people with disabilities whenever they make something.  Not just when the thing is already finished. It also means they focus on the people who use their technology. The post connects readers to what these companies say about accessibility.  The companies listed include big companies with offices around the world, like Microsoft.  There are also news organizations like the BBC and the Financial Times. This post lists twelve companies that talk about accessibility culture. Lainey hopes people will send her more articles to include.

Digital accessibility means disabled people can use and interact with technology and digital content.  It is about good design, development, and coding; appropriate testing and training; an inclusive workforce, and a host of other details.

Accessibility is not a “one and done” thing.  It’s an ongoing commitment to including all users in all technology.

Mistakes and back sliding are less likely with a culture of accessibility.

In this post you will find links to articles about accessibility culture. [...]

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