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AbilityNet Digital Accessibility Presentation

  • October 20, 2021
  • Mitchell Park
  • Accessibility

Overview of Integrating Accessibility into your Organization

The importance of digital accessibility is an ongoing battle that usually has two sides within an organization or company. One that views it as a costly obligation that does not yield significant results. And one that sees it for it really is: a highly beneficial strategy that attracts more views, increases ROI, and improves SEO; all while staying compliant with relevant legal mandates.

However, according to a recently published WebAim Million Report, 97.4% of one million homepages tested had WCAG 2.0 failures. This shows the significant lack of digital accessibility that is rampant in today’s overly digital world and society. Employees and staff members charged with developing and implementing accessibility practices must be clear in conveying the benefits of a robust accessibility strategy that all consumer-facing websites, platforms, etc. will utilize.

The U.K.-based digital accessibility charity AbilityNet recently released a presentation that assists accessibility employees and staff in communicating the considerable benefits of digital accessibility. Not only does it illustrate appropriate and successful strategies for business success, but it also demonstrates the need for an ample budget to implement a sustainable accessibility [...]

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