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Use the aria-label property to provide additional information to users

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Make sure the purpose of links is made meaningful using the aria-label property

Providing meaningful link text that is both descriptive and conveys the proper information about the purpose of links back to users is a basic accessibility concept. Yet, many pages on the Web, even to this day, display a slew of links whose meanings can hardly be determined, even within the immediate context of their parent containers. When uninformed design decisions lean towards link text such as “Read More” or “Click Here”, the aria-label property can be used to provide additional context to the link, so it becomes more meaningful to screen reader users.

To do so, simply rely on the aria-label property to provide complementary meaning to the link, so its purpose becomes unmistakably clear to users who cannot benefit from the context provided by placement or visual design. Authors will need to keep in mind that the way assistive technology supports the aria-label property will vary. While VoiceOver announces the value of the aria-label text right after the link text, NVDA completely supplements the link text with the value of the aria-label property. Jaws, on the [...]

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