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Provide ALT attributes on images used as submit buttons

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Make sure images used as submit buttons have ALT attribute values describing their functions

Images used as submit buttons provide end users with critical call to actions, and help them understand the different options made available. As such, they require descriptive text labels that clearly indicate the buttons’ function. As the function conveyed is essential to understanding the buttons’ purpose, this information needs to be reliably interpreted by assistive technologies so all users, regardless of disabilities, can act upon it.

To do so, simply describe the function of the image – rather than describing the image itself – within the value of the ALT attribute of the INPUT element. Unlike informative images where the visual would be described as closely as possible, an image of an arrow pointing right should be simply described as “submit” regardless of the visual displayed, when used in the context of a submit button. This description should be as clear and concise as possible, in order to facilitate understanding when the information is read aloud by screen reading software. Also note that this description should not repeat the graphic’s role (in this case, button), since that [...]

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