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According to tradition, each new javascript framework is put through its paces in the implementation of a simple todo list app: an app for creating and deleting todo list entries. The first Angular.js example I ever read was a todo list. Adding and removing items from todo lists demonstrates the immediacy of the single-page application view/model relationship.

TodoMVC compares and contrasts todo app implementations of popular MV* frameworks including Vue.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js. As a developer researching technology for a new project, it enables you to find the most intuitive and ergonomic choice for your needs.

The inclusive design of a todo list interface is, however, framework agnostic. Your user doesn’t care if it’s made with Backbone or React; they just need the end product to be accessible and easy to use. Unfortunately, each of the identical implementations in TodoMVC have some shortcomings. Most notably, the delete functionality only appears on hover, making it an entirely inaccessible feature by keyboard.

In this article, I’ll be building an integrated todo list component from the ground [...]

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