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A Robust Video Captioning and Audio Transcription Strategy

  • January 12, 2022
  • Mitchell Park
  • Accessibility

The most common question we field is, “How do I start a video captioning and audio transcription strategy?”  No one likes novel tasks. It takes exponentially longer to do something for the first time – learning the ropes – than it does even the second time after. Somehow when that task involves technology the learning curve can feel that much steeper.

How Video Transcripts Can Be Used To Boost SEO

Video is not exactly a new task. It’s already used for many purposes in all types of different industries. Schools use video as learning tools and ways to attract and engage their student bodies. Companies use video for employee training and product marketing. Government agencies use video for public service announcements and dissemination of critical policy material.

When you add captioning and transcription into the mix, it can all feel a little overwhelming. We understand that and work with hundreds of clients to roll out their best video captioning and transcription strategy. Despite all the many ways video is being used in our daily lives, for any organization it can still be difficult to know [...]

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