A history of game accessibility guidelines


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A history of game accessibility guidelines

A look back at the decades long history of game accessibility knowledge sharing

Ian Hamilton

June 17, 2021


This article is a follow up to a recent twitter chat, sharing a timeline of the development of accessibility resources.

This timeline is non-exhaustive, there will no doubt be things that I've missed or am not aware of, and there are a few internal sets of guidelines that can't be shared publicly too.

But hopefully it will be an interesting read, and give a sense of where we have come from, how knowledge and resources have grown, evolved, built upon one another, and how many passionate people from all across the industry have helped to push the field forward.

Guidelines for the development of entertaining software for people with multiple learning disabilities

Media LT, January 2004

Guidelines on design for people with multiple learning disabilities, primarily for entertainment software but intended to be applicable across software development in general.

Accessibility in games: motivations and approaches

IGDA Game Accessibility SIG, October 2004

The SIG's first initiative, a white paper covering a range of information about accessibility, including a proposed set of guidelines which were also split out into a stand-alone web resource. This appears to be the first [...]

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