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5 Reasons Vision Technology Companies Are Building Brands In 2024

ByGoldie ChanSenior Contributor

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Jun 18, 2024, 06:04pm EDT

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Vision technology continues to grow and define itself in fascinating ways.


How are you seeing growth in vision-related companies, an area that has previously appeared more stagnant?

The eyes are a window into full-body health and new technology-driven shifts further underscore the role that vision care plays in a person’s ability to be and stay healthy. The VSP® Global Innovation Center, along with its partners at SXSW, highlighted­­ 10 vision trends that are transforming healthcare and introduced several startups emblematic of the forces shaping the industry’s future.

While vision may not be the first area to think of when it comes to healthcare startups, there are … [+] quite a few novel developments happening.


5 Ways Vision Trends Are Reshaping Health Brands

1) The Eyes are a Window into Full-Body Health

According to research from market intelligence platform CB Insights, AI-enabled screening technologies, companies using artificial intelligence for the automated detection of various eye conditions and diseases, have raised over $1.8 billion in equity funding since 2020.

Recent developments in [...]

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