4 things we learned from Mozilla's Responsible AI challenge


4 things we learned from Mozilla’s Responsible AI challenge

July 13, 2023

From chat engines and generative apps to self-driving cars, technologies that use artificial intelligence continue to transform our lives in new ways. But how do we create AI that serves society without disempowering some of us? How can we make sure these innovations are fair and trustworthy?

Those are the questions we asked last May at Mozilla’s Responsible AI Challenge event in San Francisco. Some of the industry’s best thinkers, ethicists, technologists and builders got together to celebrate what’s possible with AI while considering the responsibility that comes with its immense capabilities. Here’s what we learned from the event.

Imo Udom, Mozilla’s SVP of innovation ecosystems, speaks at Mozilla’s Responsible AI Challenge event in San Francisco in May 2023. Credit: Mozilla

1. Accessibility makes AI better

Leading AI ethicist Dr. Margaret Mitchell shared that in 2011, while working on technology that generated image descriptions, she and her colleagues encountered what they called the “everything is awesome” problem. The system learned from the [...]

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