4 Amazon customers share how Alexa helps make life simpler for people with disabilities

For International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we’re hearing from customers who share the unexpected ways Alexa helps them every day.

Around the world, customers ask Alexa questions as part of their daily routines. Among those customers are many of the estimated 1 billion people who live with disabilities globally. These customers use Alexa in a wide range of ways—to stay connected, independent, and entertained.

Every day we hear from customers with disabilities who tell us the ways, big and small, that Alexa makes a difference in their lives. From a mom in the United States who uses Alexa to create a sensory room for her son with autism, to a film director in France with spinal muscular dystrophy who utilizes Alexa to help him manage his day as he lives independently—customers all over the world are inventing and discovering new ways to incorporate Alexa into their lives.

Eileen, USA

Eileen, in the U.S., shared the many roles Alexa plays in her home as she raises her two young sons who have autism. Her sons, Charlie and Jude, have very different experiences with autism, and Eileen has found Alexa to be helpful to them both. For her son Charlie, Eileen set up [...]

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