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3 Accessibility Testing Tools Small Websites Should Be Using

June 21, 2021 by Michael Hardy

Web Accessibility testing tools are currently the hot topic for business and eCommerce sites. If you’re selling a product or service, no matter how small, your website should be set up to accommodate potential customers who have special needs or disabilities. This set of users may require screen readers and special navigation tools to access and browse your website.

The internet audience needing accessibility tools is huge and typically underserved by a majority of websites who are not utilizing the standards. If your site is not accessible, then you’re missing out on a large base of potential readers and customers. In addition, search engines are increasingly boosting search results for those sites who have invested the time to be deemed “Accessible”. We also found that there is a fair amount of overlap between Accessibility and SEO best practices. (Which we will cover later) It’s a standard worth knowing about and applying to your own set of best practices for your site.

57 Million Americans Have a Disability

We found this eye-opening set of [...]

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