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A team of around 40 especially trained teachers and other professionals including physiotherapists, speech therapists, sign language experts, nutritionists and supporting staff are providing education to over 129 children with diverse disabilities at a school in Daharki.

Almost all of the students are from poverty-stricken backgrounds, said the Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) in a statement. It said that the plan to build a small school was initially devised in 2017 which scaled up after the survey conducted in the field area of the Mari Petroleum Companies Limited as the company was a joint partner in this humanitarian cause. Subsequently, the prevalence of children with disabilities in the area was found as 7 to 8 percent of the targeted population.

“Keeping in view this magnitude of disability a larger scale project focusing on special education needs of children with severe disabilities and STEP having experience of more than two decades pledged its commitment to transform this vision into a reality,” said a statement.

It added that after strenuous efforts of both partners, a building for the aforementioned school had been designed on the universal standards of accessibility equipped with rehabilitation facilities and remarkable ambience. The children with disabilities are most marginalized in the [...]

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