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10 Guidelines for DataViz Accessibility

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In a world that surrounds us with information at all times, data visualization is increasingly more popular, as a tool to help us make sense of the information, and to grab the attention of users and readers. This has significant implications for the overall accessibility of data. In this article we are exploring the accessibility problems of data visualizations, and how to start solving them.

What is data visualization meant to do?

Before we dive into the accessibility implications of data visualizations, it is useful to consider the value they are meant to provide to the user. This will help us think about how to provide value to all users – including users with various disabilities.

The benefits of using data visualizations are many, but the most obvious benefit is making data easier to comprehend and consume. With modern technology, data visualizations can be made dynamic and interactive, allowing the user to explore complex data through techniques like zooming, drilldown, and tooltips. Most charts are designed to easily compare data, or quickly [...]

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