short note: why isn’t role=presentation/none allowed on focusable elements?

A friend and colleague pondered why ARIA role=presentation and its facsimile role=none is not allowed on focusable elements? The answer is, theses days, purely a function of implementation reality. It

Accessibility Tools and Resources for Designers

Here are a set of tools and resources for designers to inculcate accessibility into their designs, often organizations talk about shift left approach when they talk about accessibility, and we

ANDI – Alerts

Elements with No Accessible Name No Accessible Name (Form Element) No Accessible Name (General) No Accessible Name (Image) No Accessible Name (Table) No Accessible Name (Figure) No Accessible Name (Iframe)…

ANDI – Modules

ANDI (focusable elements) Accesskey List Tab Order Title Attributes Label Tags tANDI (tables) Table List Previous/Next Table Cell Highlights Markup Table Analysis Mode (scope, headers/id) lANDI (links) Ambiguous Links View…

ANDI – Accessible Web Development Guide

Naming and Describing Accessible Name Definition Accessible Description Definition Namers [aria-labelledby] [aria-label] [alt] <label> [value] <caption> innerHTML Describers [aria-describedby] <legend> [title] States and Properties [tabindex] [accesskey] Tables Table Cell to…