Livestreaming ‘Made All the Difference’ for Some Disabled Art Lovers

When shuttered venues embraced streaming during the pandemic, the arts became more accessible. With live performance back, and streams dwindling, many feel forgotten.

Brain Study Identifies Four Different Autism Subtypes

Brain Study Identifies Four Different Autism Subtypes Explaining Individual Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder Published: 2023-04-07Author: Weill Cornell Medicine | Contact: weill.cornell.eduPeer-Reviewed Publication: YesLibrary: Autism Information Publications Synopsis: People with…

Apple West Offers Dedicated Customer Support for Medical Supplies

Apple West Home Medical Supply was founded more than decade ago by Tom Shankle, but his company has always been more than a medical supply provider. Apple West supports those

Paralyzed Patient Able To Cut Steak Thanks To Spinal Cord Stimulation | IFLScience

While similar neural stimulation devices have been used to treat chronic … they hope to see their device used as both an assistive technology to …